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L & M Ditching Customer Testimonials

Our valued commercial and residential customers have provided us with testimonials to compliment staff on their friendly natures, excellent work ethic, and favourable results. Here are a few testimonials that we have received.


Words cannot express the relief L&M brought to our family. L&M came in and their crew was nothing short of calm and professional and completely put our minds at ease. Our children loved the entertainment of all the construction equipment at our home over the course of two days and the crew was absolutely incredible with all our kids and neighbours. Our neighbours even commented on how courteous they were and what a great job they did. I would never hesitate to recommend L&M or use them again. An absolute gem of an honest and professional company not often seen these days. 

Karine Betts

In a world plagued by poor service and under-performance, L & M Ditching is a breathe of fresh air. I experienced the highest level of honesty, integrity, and workmanship possible. Jim provided an accurate quote with no further up-sell. The crew did the work properly and efficiently. Everything was done on time. This company comes with my highest recommendation.

Randy Wyton

I just wanted to take a moment and say thank you very much for rescuing me from my sewer issues. Your quick response was very unexpected and greatly appreciated. The crew was excellent as well. They were always professional and did a great job getting the job done, and also putting things back together. They also didn't mind me peeking in every so often to see what was going on. The whole process of the replacement was quite interesting to see. I would highly recommend your company to anyone else who ends up having this type of issue with their sewer. Thank you again for a job well done.


I just wanted to say thank you so much for the fantastic service your company provided when replacing the sewer line and installing a backwater valve, on my property. From the beginning to the end of the project, staff was professional and polite, answering any questions that came up. Additionally, I was very happy to see the landscaping at the two excavation sites was returned to their original state, prior to excavating. Lastly, but most important, there was minimal disruption to our family; something I really appreciate. Having said this, I would (and have) highly recommend, your company.


I just wanted to say thanks for the great job you folks did on our sewer line. From the quoting phase right through to the end of the job you and your team are a pleasure to work with. For a layman, the idea of having to replace a sewer line is a nightmare task. (bust up floor in house, dig big hole, some how push a pipe through, etc) Yet:

    • Everyone takes the time to explain the task, outlining your track record, which creates comfort for the home owner.
    • You did the job on time and on schedule. AMAZING in this day and age!!
    • Your team was friendly, professional, and did not seem to mind having the “nosy home owner” hanging around.     
    • The job was well executed.
    • Attention to being as clean as possible inside and outside. 
    • Saved my fence, even though it was close.
    • No disruption/damage to any other part of property.
    • I will say it again friendly people!

I know you have done jobs for me in the past, and they have all gone well.  This is the first time I have been there through the entire process, and was really impressed. I have no problem recommending L & M Ditching to anyone that asks.


I cannot say enough about the courtesy and workmanship to all that were involved in completing the work done on my property. Staff were very helpful in answering all my questions. I would instantly refer L & M Ditching to anyone needing their services. From start to finish these people are number one.

Richard J Kadlec

Great quality service and workmanship by far one of the best around.

Dwayne Lolacher

So here’s the final chapter in our exciting tale of the Saga of the Leaking Pipes. The awesome crew of L & M Ditching arrived at 10 am and started digging and cutting holes – I mean really, DEEP BIG HOLES to run new sanitary lines and water pipes through. Scary stuff! Martin and the L & M Ditching crew get a HUGE round of applause and BIG thanks for all their great work today. Genoa says you are all GREAT guys and I guess you made this a lot less stressful than it could have been. We can’t wait to see the end result when we’re there in a couple of weeks, until then we have to make do with the pictures that Genoa posted. If you have ever wondered about how this type of thing works and what exactly is involved in replacing water and sewer lines, (…and really, who hasn’t wondered that I ask you?) – here’s your chance to see it ‘close up & personal’ – well maybe not quite as personal as having your own yard and floors torn up…but close enough. All in all, I guess I’d have to say it’s kind of like having a house root canal…something you fear & avoid until you have no choice, but then afterward, you realize it really isn’t all that bad – and your teeth don’t hurt anymore!


Great service, great office staff, fabulous owner! Love L & M Ditching!

Victoria Rae-lynn Tomashewsky

L & M Ditching eliminated our 80 year old plumbing and water line. Within 6 hours they replaced it with products that will last for the life time of our home! We were not 'up-sold' and given honest advice. We are so happy with the service provided with L & M and would recommend them to anyone.

Vicki deHaan

I needed my pipes done from the house to the property line. L & M Ditching came highly recommended so I hired them. My concern was I was to be out of town on the days it was scheduled to be done, but upon my arrival home I was surprised that my yard looked better than when I left it, not only did they clean up the mess they also relaid my sidewalk stones, and this was not in the contract it was just a little extra they did. My neighbors came over to let me know I had three polite gentlemen working on my yard and they had been respectful to my neighbors as well. And in fact one neighbor was so impressed they hired them for next year. I would highly recommend L & M Ditching to anyone that wants a job well done, they stuck to the quote I was given and no hidden costs. Thank you and keep up the great work.

Donna Bauer

Thank you for the courteous, prompt, and professional service and care you provided for us. We appreciate all you have done for us.

Albert & Elaine

I am indebted to L & M Ditching. I cannot write enough about how they operate efficiently and expertly. It is with such pleasure to find and work with a company that performs with this high standard! I highly recommend them, without reservation – to anyone that needs a job assessed, implemented and completed professionally the first time around!

Suzanne Welsh

Just wanted to thank L & M Ditching for their outstanding service they provided during our sewer and also recently our water dilemma! They are very friendly, knowledgeable, efficient, and they did an amazing job, this included saving a tree that fell in the hole! They happily replanted it! They go above and beyond and would highly recommend them to anyone!

Yvonne Kerker

Thanks for being such awesome people to work with!!

Leo Global

On behalf of us at Beacon Hill Properties, I would like to express our sincere gratitude for your assistance in completing the sewage repair at Willow Glenn Apartments. Your staff were dispatched and working in under an hour from our service call. Our staff and tenants had the absolute minimum of disruption to their water service and work was completed in a professional manner.


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